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Beach Day | The Best Day

Hello there! It only felt right to kick off the blog with a story about us- Beach Day. We are built on the idea that every day can be a beach day. Everybody has their beach, their town, their memories. We want to bring about your best memories of your beach. What better way to do that than wearing Beach Day apparel?

Beach Day- contrary to the name- is not just a day, it’s a lifestyle. We envision our brand on more than just the sandy shores. Beach Day can be dressed up or down. Take it out on the town for dinner and shopping. Enjoy a sunset boat cruise in our signature Beach Day hat and the OG sweatshirt. Lounge in it on the plane to your next sunny destination.

“where summer never ends”

We have a storefront located right in the heart of Saugatuck, MI- showcasing award-winning beaches, scenic waterways, and grassy dunes. Shop Beach Day online or amongst many other one-of-a-kind retail experiences in the cozy downtown neighborhood. Visit our very own beach collection at

Watch out for our next blog on our very own candle line we are in the midst of creating. Exciting times lie ahead as Beach Day evolves to bring the beach vibes into your home.

xoxo, Beach Day


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