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An old classic, reinvented. The Turks Head bracelet was our summer staple growing up on New England waters. Tattered and green with summer memories, it would last all season and eventually would have to be cut off.


Our version is slimmer and more subtle - but equally classic. With a signature 316L stainless steel hook clasp, you can put this on - and take it off when you have to. 100% cotton and handcrafted in the Ocean State.


(This bracelet will shrink/stiffen when it gets wet. Pull on both ends to lengthen the bracelet back to its original length. Softness will return when dry. Bracelets are also designed to fade & weather when worn. Expect color to change.) 


Color: Navy

Available with gold clasp only.

Sizes: XS: 6.5" S: 7" XL: 8.5"

Turks Head Ocean Bracelet

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